STAAR Awards 2018 - Nominations closed

Award Presentations

Nominations are officially open for The 2018 STAAR Awards (Strategy to Action Awards Recognition). These awards are a joint initiative of the No More Harm National Conference and the Australian & New Zealand Mental Health Association.

Nominations are a way to highlight, recognise and reward those individuals and organisations for the work they continue to do that change people’s lives. You are eligible to nominate multiple individuals or organisations in each category.

The Power of Me Stop School Bullying Award

Initiatives for preventative action for school bullying

Cyber Smart Award - sponsored by the Office of the eSafety Commissioner

Demonstrated innovation to keep others safe when using the internet

Innovative Solutions Award

Proven innovative solutions to reducing harm

Bullyology Healthier Workplace Award

Designing a healthy workplace through procedural fairness in addressing social hazards and risks

No More Harm Education Award

Leading programs to educate others in the workplace, school yard, social situation, interpersonal relationship or sporting activity

Community Engagement Award

Promotion of inclusion and education of community based harm reduction programs

Cyber Smart Award Sponsor – Office of the eSafety Commissioner

The Office of the eSafety Commissioner is committed to helping young people have safe, positive experiences online.

We promote online safety education for Australian young people, through our classroom resources, Outreach Program and Voluntary Certification Scheme.

We also provide a complaints service for young Australians who experience serious cyberbullying, and for reporting illegal online content.

eSafetyWomen is another important arm of our program—empowering Australian women to take control of their online experiences. eSafetyWomen is a key part of the Australian Government’s Women’s Safety Package to Stop the Violence.

At the Office, all resources and services are underpinned by our evidence-based research into internet use, online safety, e-security and other related issues.

The Power of Me Stop School Bullying Award

The Power of ME is an anti-bullying awareness, education and empowerment program for primary school children. The program increases awareness of bullying, builds practical skills to respond to bullying, and teaches children to understand and then unleash the power within themselves to make a difference – the Power of “ME”.

Healthier Workplace Award Sponsor

Jessica Hickman founder of Bullyology campaigns tirelessly for the prevention of bullying. A victim of the most horrendous bullying, she has risen above her traumatic ordeal to give voice and life to all victims of bullying. Jessica is dedicated to the education and prevention of bullying at work and schools.

Bullyology works with business leaders, to empower organizations to break the silence of bullying.

By raising awareness of bullying and its prevention at school and work, creates greater and happier children and workers.

Jessica offers a range of distinctive and inspiring speaking programs.

The STAAR awards will be judged based on the following criteria:

  • Strategy – the why -purpose and process to initiate the work
  • Process and Planning – consultation process, stakeholders involved
  • Best Practice – what was this modelled on and how was it implemented
  • Benefits – who benefits from the program or initiative
  • Innovation – delivery in terms of economic and social outcomes
  • Outcomes / Successes – what was put in place to measure the outcomes and successes

What do winners receive?

  • An engraved award with your full name, organisation and awards category
  • Framed certificate
  • Recognition at the Awards Presentation Ceremony
  • The opportunity to present a PowerPoint Presentation up to five (5) minutes during the Awards Presentation Ceremony
  • Exclusive discounted registration rate of $699.00 to attend the full conference (save $200).

The winner or a representative from the organisation is required to attend the Ceremony and accept the award otherwise the award will be forfeited.