Ms Belinda Hapgood, Founder and Principal Lawyer at Belinda Hapgood Pty Ltd joins us.

The upcoming 2018 No More Harm National Conference will be held at the Pullman Melbourne on the Park on Thursday 12– Friday 13 April 2018.

Ms Belinda Hapgood, Founder and Principal Lawyer at Belinda Hapgood Pty Ltd joins us at the conference next month to discuss ‘#metoo, Complicity and the Bystander Problem – How Can an Organization Make it Safe to Report Harassment?’

In 2018, the existence of policies and procedures that prohibit workplace bullying and harassment is almost assured in the contemporary workplace, and yet evidence suggests that harassment and bullying is as prevalent as ever. What more can a workplace do to make work safe?

This workshop will focus on the effectiveness of emerging successes in bystander intervention training (primarily implemented in American College campuses) as a mechanism for combating cultures of workplace harassment and bullying.

Initially, participants will explore the reasons that people don’t intervene when they observe workplace harassment occurring – e.g. a lack of recognition that harassment is occurring, confusion about whether the behaviour meets the “legal” standard of inappropriateness, gendered responses to workplace sexualized conduct, concern about personal embarrassment and/or threat of violence being transferred to the bystander.

Discussion will move to consider the concept of “diffusion of responsibility” as initially observed by Latane and Darley (1970) and historical and contemporary references will be adopted to enhance understanding of the concept (e.g. Nuremberg trials, group think, workplace behaviour generally).

Brief consideration will be given to the ethical considerations for intervention, including both the positive impacts (the shifting of responsibility for the behaviour from the victim to the broader community) as well as the negative (the risk of personal violence arising for the bystander).

Finally, discussion will turn to effective strategies for intervention (as developed by organisations such as Hollaback!) including direct confrontation, distraction/disruption of the behaviour, delegation to an authority, delayed support for victims and documentation of events and outcomes.

Participants will leave the workshop with a set of actionable items (checklists, templates for workplace training exercises) to commence a dialogue in their individual workplaces about the responsibilities on bystanders to ensure that workplaces are safe and that objectionable, unlawful and criminal behaviour is not tolerated.


Belinda Hapgood is one of Queensland’s first Accredited Specialists in Workplace Relations Law. She has practiced exclusively in Employment Law, Workplace/Industrial Relations and Workplace Health and Safety for 17 years. She has represented State and Federal Government agencies, unions, individual employees and employers and is a sought-after expert by businesses to resolve tough employment dilemmas. In 2016, Belinda established her own legal practice that focuses on providing online education and self-help resources for employers and employees. She is the host of the “High-Intensity HR Training Podcast” (available on iTunes and other podcast apps).

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