Introducing Keynote Speaker Dr Naomi Priest

Hosted by the Australian and New Zealand Mental Health Association, the No More Harm Conference focuses on behaviour that causes harm; solutions; preventive measures and responses to bullying, harassing and discriminating behaviour.

The 2017 No More Harm Conference will be held at the Hotel Grand Chancellor, Brisbane from 26 – 27 June.

Dr Naomi Priest, Fellow, Centre for Social Research and Methods, College of Arts and Social Sciences, Australian National University joins us at the 2017 No More Harm Conference as a Keynote Speaker.

Dr Naomi Priest

Dr Naomi Priest received her PhD in population health at the University of Melbourne, conducting a qualitative participatory study exploring Aboriginal perspectives of urban child health and wellbeing. She then completed a NHMRC post-doctoral fellowship also at the University of Melbourne with training in social epidemiology. She was leader of the VicHealth funded Anti-Racism and Diversity program at the University of Melbourne from 2012-2015, and also a Senior Research Fellow in the Alfred Deakin Institute for Citizenship and Globalisation from 2014-15.  In 2014-15 she was a Visiting Scientist at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

Dr Naomi Priest’s broad research interest is to integrate social and epidemiologic methods to examine and address inequalities in health and development across populations and place. This includes social epidemiology and qualitative research to understand differences in health and development experienced by children and youth from Indigenous backgrounds and from ethnic minorities, and explanations for observed differences across intersecting identities and experiences such as gender, socioeconomic position, and disability. Much of this work focuses on patterns, mechanisms and prospective influence of adverse early life exposures and stressors, including discrimination, stigma and bias.

You can follow Naomi on Twitter at @naomi_priest

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