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ENGAGE with local, state and federal government professionals, alongside clinical psychologists, CEOs, counsellors, supervisors, directors, directors of HR and training, policy directors, student affairs directors, principals, investigators, academics and researchers, authors, officers, managers, legal support, mental health nurses and more!

LEARN translatable skills on generic bullying and harassment strategies, as well as specialist insight into the two streams – corporate and workplace focus and education and schooling environment applications.


NETWORK with industry practitioners, academics and specialists leading the nation with innovation strategies, research, clinical development that impacts individual, family, business practices and society.

PROMOTE & SHARE your products or services by mix of digital, print, face to face and visual representation.


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2018 Gold Partners

The Bully Zero Australia Foundation

A month doesn’t pass where we don’t see the loss of life to bullying in Australia. There are many stories of teenagers and adults who tragically end their lives after enduring unbearable, persistent and callous bullying either through their workplace, school, and community group or through social media.


In April 2012 a group of energetic, passionate and committed individuals consisting of families of bullying victims, senior members of the police force, volunteers, psychologists, lawyers, teachers, politicians and professionals from various backgrounds established a Foundation like no other.

The Bully Zero Australia Foundation was launched by former Hon. Prime Minister Julia Gillard MP on March 16, 2013. Bully Zero Australia Foundation is a not-for-profit charity with DGR status.

The Foundation delivers bullying prevention programs in schools and workplaces nationally, delivered face to face by qualified teachers.

2018 Bronze Partners & Cyber Smart Award Sponsor

Office of the eSafety Commissioner

The Office of the eSafety Commissioner is committed to helping young people have safe, positive experiences online.

We promote online safety education for Australian young people, through our classroom resources, Outreach Program and Voluntary Certification Scheme.

We also provide a complaints service for young Australians who experience serious cyberbullying, and for reporting illegal online content.

eSafetyWomen is another important arm of our program—empowering Australian women to take control of their online experiences. eSafetyWomen is a key part of the Australian Government’s Women’s Safety Package to Stop the Violence.

At the Office, all resources and services are underpinned by our evidence-based research into internet use, online safety, e-security and other related issues.

2018 Exhibitors

Happy Boosters

Happy Boosters is a consortium of learning experts, positive psychologists, design thinkers, tech gurus and artists. We blend these disciplines to create unique wellbeing programs; that are far from traditional!

Each discipline brings a different dimension and by combining them, we create powerful and fun experiences that build resilience, optimism and creative thinking.

The Power of Me – (Stop School Bullying Award Sponsor)

The Power of ME is an anti-bullying awareness, education and empowerment program for primary school children. The program increases awareness of bullying, builds practical skills to respond to bullying, and teaches children to understand and then unleash the power within themselves to make a difference – the Power of “ME”.

Bullyology – (Healthier Workplace Award Sponsor)

Jessica Hickman founder of Bullyology campaigns tirelessly for the prevention of bullying. A victim of the most horrendous bullying, she has risen above her traumatic ordeal to give voice and life to all victims of bullying. Jessica is dedicated to the education and prevention of bullying at work and schools.
Bullyology works with business leaders, to empower organizations to break the silence of bullying.

By raising awareness of bullying and its prevention at school and work, creates greater and happier children and workers.

Jessica offers a range of distinctive and inspiring speaking programs.

APM Employment Services

As Australia’s largest provider of Disability Employment Services we help people find and keep a job, and support them to deal with challenges to employment such as injury, illness or disability. We also work with local and national businesses to recruit and retain a diverse and valuable workforce. At any given time APM works with 40,000 job seekers through our Disability Employment Services and jobactive contracts.


2017 Conference Partners